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The Andrew Weishar Foundation (“Weish4Ever”) was created in 2013 as a 100% volunteer-led, Chicago-based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization. The charity was established to honor the memory of Andrew Weishar. In 2012, Andrew passed away at the age of 21 after a three-year battle with cancer. In his final days, Andrew had one simple and selfless request: “Pay forward” the kindness and generosity shown to his family during that fight. 

The need for support among adolescents and young adults (“AYA”) with cancer has never been greater or more apparent. AYAs are at a unique stage in their emotional, cognitive and social development which cancer often disrupts. The attempts by these young adults to establish independence from their parents, to complete school, to enter the workforce with a desired career, to find a life partner, and to raise a family often are temporarily, or sometimes permanently derailed, leading to feelings of isolation and depression.


Friends of Lackota Animal Sanctuary

Friends of Lackota Animal Sanctuary is in Fort Collins, Colorado, at the base of the foothills capable of caring for animals such as horses, donkeys, and other species. We are actively involved with rescuing horses and donkeys from kill sales, kill pens, and other detestable situations and re-homing them to the Sanctuary to live out a peaceful life free from pain, fear, neglect, abuse, and starvation. Our mission is to save as many animals as we can from negligent and deplorable situations and bring them to the Sanctuary for rehabilitation. From there, if the animal is able, we attempt to find strong, stable permanent homes for them whether it be through a foster home or adoption. If the animal does not qualify for adoption or foster, they will always have a permanent home at Friends of Lackota Animal Sanctuary until their final day.

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Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Harbor Seals in Puget Sound give birth to their pups in July and August each year, which is when orphaned/separated or injured pups arrive at Wolf Hollow for care. Three pups are currently in recovery.

Button followed kayakers in and out of the water on a busy public beach near Friday Harbor for several hours before the local Marine Mammal Stranding Network picked her up and brought her to Wolf Hollow. She was only about one day old and was exhausted and dehydrated when she arrived. As she recovered, she became active and wriggly.

Enoki was found in bad shape near a local marina. He had infected wounds, was emaciated, dehydrated, and experiencing hypoglycemic seizures. Wolf Hollow provided treatment quickly, and he improved gradually over a few days.

Crimini was very fragile, lethargic, emaciated, dehydrated, weak, and cold to the touch when she was brought to Wolf Hollow. Initial treatment helped to perk her up enough to start vocalizing.

All three pups are doing well and will remain at Wolf Hollow while they gain weight and learn to eat fish.


PAWSitive Recovery
Helping people and animals recover together from addiction and abuse. They do amazing things for people and give them an opportunity to get treatment and they help they deserve by fostering there animals during their treatment.

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Courageous Connections is a Therapeutic Horsemanship Program in Snohomish County, Washington. We provide classes to individuals of all ages and abilities and offer programs that are powerful, life changing, and speak to what people are capable of achieving-not what their limitations are. We serve individuals, mostly children and youth, with challenges such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, “at risk” youth, and other behavioral challenges.

The name Courageous Connections defines both what we do and what we see in our programs. Participants show extraordinary courage as they overcome challenges and learn to give clear directions to their 1200-pound partner. The connections they form with the horses and volunteers, allow them to build trust and self-confidence that they will take with them into all areas of their lives.


Alternative Energy Resources Organization
Grassroots and statewide, AERO cultivates sustainability by engaging community stakeholders and weaving networks that build lasting partnerships in the climate smart, sustainable agriculture and local food system sphere, creating spaces where leaders and inspired community models flourish.


FAST (Food Access and Sustainability Team) Blackfeet is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of involved citizens who are dedicated to improving food security, providing nutrition education, and reclaiming & building food sovereignty within the Blackfeet Nation. I've sat on the FAST Blackfeet Board for two years as a secretary and have seen the growth of the mission. FAST Blackfeet is shifting the way that our community thinks about our food systems. This shift is fundamental and empowering, allowing opportunities for education, economic development, return to tradition, and health lifestyles.

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Dear Jack Foundation ​

The Dear Jack Foundation provides impactful programming that directly benefits adolescents and young adults (AYA) diagnosed with cancer in order to improve their quality of life and create positive health outcomes from treatment to survivorship for patients and their families.

Through programs and strategic partnerships, Dear Jack addresses the physical and emotional needs of AYA cancer patients, survivors and their families. One-on-one patient support and wellness programs allow the Dear Jack Foundation to empower patients, survivors and their caregivers in their healing and to provide assurance that they are not alone in their cancer journey.

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ReSurge International 

ReSurge is a global humanitarian organization providing free reconstructive surgeries to adults and children in 19-low-income countries. Their model is 3-fold 1. Provide free direct care to patients such as wound coverage, cleft and palate repair, hand extremity trauma care, and burn and cancer reconstruction. 2. Provide mentoring and training to early-career local medical professionals via in-person and virtual training. They’ve measured the impact of this training and found that by training just one surgeon in a low-income country, an average of 9,000 patients will gain access to surgical care. Over their lifetimes, these surgeons will train dozens of others—resulting in a multiplier effect and a multigenerational approach towards long-term sustainability. 3. ReSurge also funds dedicated in-country local surgeons who perform these life-changing surgeries when our teams are not there. 


Bright Spot Network

"The Bright Spot Network has created a needed space for parents with cancer to receive compassionate and meaningful support. Having cancer while raising small children comes with very unique challenges, that often are not addressed. Bright Spot not only names these challenges, but also provides concrete support that addresses day-to-day struggles. Many of my patients have shared that Bright Spot is the first place they turned where they really felt understood and did not need to explain themselves. I am so grateful for Bright Spot and will continue to share information about this amazing program with patients and colleagues.”

-Oncology Social Worker


Newtown Action AlliaFoundationnce Foundation​

Newtown Action Alliance (NAAF) was formed after the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy in the community to help ensure that Newtown is remembered as a place that fosters positive cultural change to #EndGunViolence in America. Led by the same volunteer advocates who lead the Newtown Action Alliance (501c4), NSSF provides comfort, education, scholarship, support and resources to families and communities impacted by gun violence. Our goal is to help all American communities move forward together to create a positive cultural change towards a more peaceful, less violent future.

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UW Medicine Nurse Fund 

Washington state

UW has been a long-standing partner of glassybaby foundation, and their Nurse Fund promotes the wellbeing of the critical nurses on the front lines. From the pandemic to the medical needs of everyday life, these nurses are heroes, and the UW Nurse Fund goes toward supporting them on, and off, the job.


Park County Environmental Council

Livingston, MT

PCEC aims to safeguard land, water, wildlife, and people of Yellowstone's northern gateway. One initiative focuses on the Crazy Mountains, a rugged island range surrounded by working ranches and the indigenous homeland of the Apsáalooke Nation. The deep history of this landscape is accentuated by the habitat it provides for endangered species. PCEC is working to consolidate public land and resolve conflicts around access to this mountain range through respect and collaboration. Their baby grant will go toward further trust and relationship building to protect this spectacular place.


The glassybaby baby grants support nonprofits aligned with our mission: hope and healing for people, animals or the planet.  


To nominate an organization, use the link below

or, send an email to:

Please provide the name of the non-profit and tell us why you appreciate the work they do. 


Two $5000 baby grants are awarded each month.

Nominations must be received by the 28th of the month to be considered.

thank you

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