may 2022

Grandmothers Against Gun Violence Foundation

The Grandmothers Against Gun Violence Foundation raises funds to end gun violence in our communities through research that informs public health and safety policies. The Foundation recognizes gun violence as a public health epidemic that is preventable. Communities need research to help understand causes and consequences of gun violence in its various forms. Since the initiation of the Foundation, six studies have been funded. Studies have analyzed safe storage practices, firearm threats against children, and risk factors impacting gun violence. The results of the research are shared with Washington legislators and community leaders to support policy changes and community-based prevention programs. Additional information at

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Newtown Action Alliance Foundation

Newtown Action Alliance Foundation (NAAF) was formed after the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy in the community to help ensure that Newtown is remembered as a place that fosters positive cultural change to #EndGunViolence in America. Led by the same volunteer advocates who lead the Newtown Action Alliance (501c4), NSSF provides comfort, education, scholarship, support and resources to families and communities impacted by gun violence. Our goal is to help all American communities move forward together to create a positive cultural change towards a more peaceful, less violent future.