may 2021

Hope & Comfort 

Needham, MA

Hope & Comfort’s mission is to provide essential hygiene products to support and improve the health, self-esteem, and hygiene education of school-aged children and young adults in need within Greater Boston.  The baby grant will go directly to the COVID-19 relief efforts, allowing them to serve more youth and families in need during this time. 

The Scooty Fund

Seattle, WA

The Scooty Fund’s mission is to promote, support and advance culture surrounding mental health and wellness in ways that enhance the lives and well-being of young people. The Scooty Fund focuses on encouraging conversations, de-stigmatizing mental illness, raising funds for research and resources, building supportive and open communities, educating others, and, above all, helping young adults prioritize their mental health in ways that work. The Scooty Fund pillars of action include social media, education and funding.