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Seattle Backpack Brigade 

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The mission of Backpack Brigade is to erase weekend hunger for homeless and hungry school children in Seattle. They aim to provide nutritious meals and snacks to every homeless student attending Seattle Public School. This includes children in families who are temporarily housed or living in shelters, tent-cities or cars. Backpack Brigade purchases, packages and delivers food that helps sustain a homeless student through the weekend.

February baby grants

for cancer care

The February glassybaby baby grants will be awarded to organizations providing hope and healing for people impacted by cancer. 


 To nominate a non-profit, provide the name of the organization and tell us why you appreciate 

the work they do. Tag us using the hashtag #glassybabybabygrant and email the nomination to-


Nominations must be received by February 28th.

nominate a baby grant

addressing racial injustice 

Thank you to everyone who nominated a non-profit for the grants addressing racial injustice and inequity. And thank you glassybaby community and partners, old and new, for providing hope, healing, support, education, and your crucial voices. We are proud to announce that $50,000 in grants were distributed among the following organizations

Harlem Mothers SAVE3 copy.jpg

Harlem Mothers SAVE (Stop Another Violent End)

New York,  NY

Harlem Mothers SAVE is committed to reducing gun violence and the access children have to guns. Programs focus on educating youth, building future community leaders and collaborating with community partners to seek legislation for sensible gun laws. glassybaby has partnered with Harlem Mothers SAVE since 2016. This grant supported their modified Summer Youth program.

fighting COVID-19 with our partners

Northwest Harvest


We are proud to continue to support Northwest Harvest, a partner since 2013. In coordination with other hunger relief organizations, they are using more mobile units to deliver ready-to-eat meals, shelf stable food boxes and emergency food boxes to communities throughout Washington. To adhere to COVID-19 restrictions and safety requirements, they converted the SODO Community Market into a curbside grocery bag pick-up facility. Northwest Harvest also serves as an essential community resource, providing information for those in need of food and for those wanting to help.   

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