Meet the September baby grant winners

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October Baby Grants for Healthcare Heroes

The October glassybaby baby grants will be awarded to programs that support healthcare workers, as they continue to work tirelessly during the COVID-19 crisis. These heroes include the physicians, nurses, scientists, technicians, EMTs, first responders, clinic and hospital support staff and the many other medical care providers.


Help us spread hope and healing by nominating a non profit that supports healthcare heroes. To nominate a non-profit, tag us using the hashtag #glassybabybabygrant, or email


Entries must be in by October 31st. $15,000 in grants will be awarded. Join us in honoring, applauding and supporting the hard working health care heroes across the country.

addressing racial injustice 

Thank you to everyone who nominated a non-profit for the grants addressing racial injustice and inequity. And thank you glassybaby community and partners, old and new, for providing hope, healing, support, education, and your crucial voices. We are proud to announce that $50,000 in grants were distributed among the following organizations

Harlem Mothers SAVE (Stop Another Violent End)

New York,  NY

Harlem Mothers SAVE is committed to reducing gun violence and the access children have to guns. Their programs focus on educating youth, building future community leaders and collaborating with community partners to seek legislation for sensible gun laws. glassybaby has partnered with Harlem Mothers SAVE since 2016. This grant supported their modified Summer Youth program.

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hope, healing and food


While the landscape has changed, our commitment to our mission has remained the same - to support hope and healing for people, animals and the planet.

Many of our grants since March have prioritized food programs and addressed food insecurity because food is absolutely essential for hope and healing.


Learn more about some of the programs we have supported this year, including those providing food to students, families, front line workers, BIPOC communities, homebound individuals and people with severe medical needs. These organizations work tirelessly to supply and deliver food to people. We are so grateful for the support they are providing to the community.

Fighting COVID-19 with our partners

Angel Flight West

Angel Flight West is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that arranges free, non-emergency air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions. While the flights for patients were temporarily suspended, due to the COVID-19 crisis, Angel Flight West offered passengers alternative transportation with reimbursement, when possible.  The AFW flights were used instead to deliver personal protective equipment and medical supplies to healthcare providers as well as blood, tissue, organs, and cargo to medical facilities.  AFW also helped arrange donated commercial flights, during the height of the pandemic, for medical personnel relocating to serve on the front-lines.

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