BIG Love Cancer Care

Austin, TX


BIG Love Cancer Care, based in Austin Texas, is committed to meeting the most vital and urgent physical, emotional and financial needs of the pediatric oncology and hematology patients and their families. They oversee 20 programs in 6 Texas based hospitals.


Since the start of Covid-19, BIG Love has not been able to enter the six hospitals where services are provided. They have pivoted. In working closely with the hospital partners, they have focused on food security, in order to support the most vulnerable patients and their families during these difficult times. In the past 2 months BIG Love has made over 200 grocery shipments to families, in addition to providing hot meals and weekly e-gift cards for local food delivery. Thank you, BIG Love, for your flexibility, innovation, and steadfast commitment to providing for the young patients and their families.

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Byrd Barr Place - Seattle, WA



Originally founded in the 1960’s by leaders in Seattle’s Black community, Byrd Barr Place has been instrumental in combating racial inequity and poverty. They provide an integrated array of basic needs, nutritional services, education resources, and financial assistance. 


We are proud to support the Byrd Barr Food Bank. With a 35% increase in demand for food in the last 3 months, Byrd Barr has found creative and resourceful ways to provide safe access to food. Byrd Barr has moved the client facing food bank operations outdoors, quadrupled home grocery delivery for seniors with chronic conditions and created a grocery bag pick-up for people working during the food bank hours. They have also expanded food delivery to some of the home villages in the Central District and neighboring affordable housing complexes.  


To meet the growing demand for fresh healthy foods, Byrd Barr has increased fresh food purchases from local farmers. They have also partnered with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and P-Patch gardeners to receive freshly grown produce and gleaning from the Farmer's Market Association.


 Thank you Byrd Barr Food Bank for the difference you make in so many lives.


Chicken Soup Brigade - Seattle, WA

Chicken Soup Brigade (CSB), Lifelong’s food and nutrition program, is the Northwest region’s only clinically focused, diagnosis-specific, meal and grocery operation. This program provides nutritious and culturally relevant groceries, medically tailored meals, nutritional education, and practical food preparation and skill-building for seniors and people living with critical and chronic illnesses across Washington State. Nutritious food has been proven to improve health outcomes and reduce hospitalizations. This is so important now, during our current crisis, when the hospitals are already over-taxed.  

Prior to COVID-19, CSB was producing and delivering over 5,000 meals per week and 265,000 meals annually. Since March, they have experienced a dramatic increase in demand. The kitchen is now providing 10,000 meals per week and thousands of additional grocery bags.  We are enormously grateful for the meals and groceries the Chicken Soup Brigade continues to compassionately provide.

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Project Angel Heart - Denver, CO


Project Angel Heart prepares and delivers medically tailored meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses in Denver and Colorado Springs. Since 1991, their professional chefs and registered dietitians have prepared thousands of delicious meals, from scratch, and tailored them to meet the medical and dietary needs of those who are ill.  The meals delivered by the Project Angel Heart volunteers.

 For many people with medical challenges, it is difficult to access the nutrition required to build strength and healing. During the current health crisis, medical vulnerability, isolation, quarantine and financial pressures have compounded food insecurity and nutritional inaccessibility. The food these patients receive helps with health recovery, while limiting the potential spread of coronavirus, by allowing vulnerable people to stay at home.

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