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Gallatin Watershed Coalition

The Gallatin Watershed is the headwaters of the Missouri River, impacting lives and ecosystems near and far.
Gallatin Watershed Council works to increase community awareness of local water concerns, inspire active watershed stewardship in the community, advance collaborative water planning efforts, strengthen community partnerships and collaboration, identify priority locations for future restoration projects, and guide strategic watershed enhancement projects. Through all of these activities, GWC is a forum for collaboration and finding common ground towards solutions that address the complex water challenges in the Gallatin Valley. Rapid growth, climate variability, drought and impacts from land use and recreation all challenge, and necessitate, preservation of high quality river, riparian and wetland systems as well as support for productive landscapes and the Gallatin Valley's agricultural heritage.


As glassybaby gets to know Southwest Montana, we are thrilled to support local organizations aligned with our foundation's mission. 


Photo by Chris Boyer /

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Photo by Vanastree

Women’s Earth Alliance  

WEA is on a mission to protect our environment, reverse climate change, and ensure a just, thriving world by empowering women’s leadership. We are dedicated to fortifying and dispersing solutions generated from the heart of communities—where people are grappling with our gravest challenges and drawing blueprints for a thriving future.


Since 2006, WEA has worked at the intersection of women’s rights and the environment, creating impactful programming serving grassroots leaders around key environmental themes of climate change, water, agriculture, land protection, and energy. In partnership with national and global NGOs, WEA co-designs capacity-building trainings where women leaders access technology, financing, mentorship, and a global alliance through WEA’s signature Accelerator model. Through WEA programs, more than 13M people in 22 countries have implemented life-saving environmental solutions within Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, the Americas, and Indonesia.

The glassybaby foundation partner grant will support the Women and Forest Program that began in 2021. To date over 5,000 women have protected 500 acres of forest and grown 50,000 trees across Kenya, Uganda, and Indonesia. We are so excited to see this program grow.

Ceres Community Project

Ceres provides nourishing meals to cancer patients and their families. Along the way, Ceres teaches young people to cook and the power of creativity in the kitchen. 

“I first learned about the Ceres Community Project the day I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I lived alone and was facing surgery and radiation treatment without much boots on the ground support. I contacted Ceres and was swept up by their kindness and their very practical service of providing meals during a time when my body was weak and the ability to cook for myself was hit or miss. I was grateful that they provided me with nutritious and delicious meals. The kind of meals that truly support healing and rebuild immunity. More than just providing meals, I could feel the care and compassion that went into the preparation of these meals. I was gladdened by the thought that there was a team of young people and adults who, without knowing me, supported my healing and well-being. It was a time of great sadness for me and a lot of fear, but the one thing I could count on was a weekly delivery of love in the form of delicious food. I had a few dietary restrictions which they completely honored. The gentleman who delivered the food to me was always so kind. I really cannot put into words how deeply I was affected by this organization. Their concept, the care, the contributions to our community are of the highest order. I will be forever grateful.”

Jake Viramontez created the above video for Ceres Community Project free of charge.
Here is an article about Jake's work and here is his website


City Fruit - Seattle, WA

City Fruit was founded in 2008 to find a better approach in managing Seattle's urban orchard through focusing on education, stewardship, food policy, and sustainability, in addition to the harvesting and distribution of the fruit.

The City Fruit mission is to put the urban orchard to its best and fullest use so that everyone in the community shares in the value of fruit. City Fruit’s programs help tree owners grow, harvest and preserve fruit while promoting the sharing of extra fruit and the protecting of urban fruit trees.

During it's last harvest, this organization provided 24,000 pounds of fruit to more than 20 Seattle-area food banks and meal programs, feeding 12,000 neighbors.

Wild Salmon Center​

The Wild Salmon Center endeavors to conserve the most productive and intact wild salmon ecosystems around the Pacific Rim—from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska to the Russian Far East.


As a “keystone species,” wild salmon support an expansive and diverse web of life ranging from brown bears to orcas to eagles, and they are central to cultures and communities across the North Pacific. Where wild salmon runs are healthy, whole watersheds flourish.

Last year, a grant from Glassybaby Foundation supported WSC’s work to defend Alaska’s Bristol Bay -- home to one of the most important wild salmon fisheries on Earth -- from the Pebble Mine, a proposed open-pit copper and gold mine planned at the headwaters of the watershed. Thanks to the tireless work of WSC and their partners, this summer the Environmental Protection Agency announced they would reinstate proposed protections for Bristol Bay, a major breakthrough in the effort to prevent hard-rock mining from devastating this critical stronghold for wild salmon.


Photo by Ben Knight 

FB Food Bag.jpg

Byrd Barr Place - Seattle, WA

Originally founded in the 1960’s by leaders in Seattle’s Black community, Byrd Barr Place has been instrumental in combating racial inequity and poverty. They provide an integrated array of basic needs, nutritional services, education resources, and financial assistance.

We are proud to support the Byrd Barr Food Bank. With a 35% increase in demand for food in the last 3 months, Byrd Barr has found creative and resourceful ways to provide safe access to food. Byrd Barr has moved the client facing food bank operations outdoors, quadrupled home grocery delivery for seniors with chronic conditions and created a grocery bag pick-up for people working during the food bank hours. They have also expanded food delivery to some of the home villages in the Central District and neighboring affordable housing complexes.  

To meet the growing demand for fresh healthy foods, Byrd Barr has increased fresh food purchases from local farmers. They have also partnered with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and P-Patch gardeners to receive freshly grown produce and gleaning from the Farmer's Market Association.

Thank you Byrd Barr Food Bank for the difference you make in so many lives.

Chicken Soup Brigade - Seattle, WA

Chicken Soup Brigade (CSB), Lifelong’s food and nutrition program, is the Northwest region’s only clinically focused, diagnosis-specific, meal and grocery operation. This program provides nutritious and culturally relevant groceries, medically tailored meals, nutritional education, and practical food preparation and skill-building for seniors and people living with critical and chronic illnesses across Washington State. Nutritious food has been proven to improve health outcomes and reduce hospitalizations. This is so important now, during our current crisis, when the hospitals are already over-taxed.  

Prior to COVID-19, CSB was producing and delivering over 5,000 meals per week and 265,000 meals annually. Since March, they have experienced a dramatic increase in demand. The kitchen is now providing 10,000 meals per week and thousands of additional grocery bags.  We are enormously grateful for the meals and groceries the Chicken Soup Brigade continues to compassionately provide.

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